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With over 100 years combined experience in this specialty business, our expertise and commitment to you, the collector, is unrivaled. We work hard to bring you stamps of value that will enhance your collection.

Our experience helps us ensure that the collection you are selling brings you fair market value. And we guarantee your satisfaction with every stamp we sell. 

Sell your collection with us.

We invite you to call on the advice, experience, and expertise that only a lifetime in the business of philately could offer. Are you ready to speak with one of our representatives about your selling options?

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Selling or Consigning

Global Asset Liquidators specializes in the acquisition and sale of fine philatelic properties. From its storefront beginnings to a multimillion dollar business, Global Asset Liquidators has built an outstanding reputation as one of the world’s largest philatelic specialists.

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Outright Sale

This is often the quickest and most profitable way to sell a collection. The seller is guaranteed the full amount at which an appraiser has evaluated the holdings and is assured of greater confidentiality than if the collection is advertised to the public.

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Public Auctions

In many instances, Public Auction may be the most profitable way to liquidate your philatelic holdings. Though there are no firm rules, large specialized collections or properties containing major rarities and exceptional quality material will often realize more for the owner when sold at auction

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Estate Planning

Many collectors never think of selling their collections. They are collectors for life. Unfortunately, they never make plans for the sale of their beloved stamps after their death, or when they can no longer handle their own affairs.

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